We are just getting started.

Kent Food Hubs is a co-operative led organisation.  Our aim is to bring local and sensibly sourced produce to consumers, in the most convenient way possible, by building a community around food. You will be able to do your weekly shop with us, safe in the knowledge that you are also supporting the development of your own community and the restoration of the planet at large.

We will be sourcing produce from as locally to you as possible, and for all other goods that are not made locally, we will be offering you the best alternatives.

As a shopper, you will also be invited to become a member of Kent Food Hubs in case you like to participate in creating markets that respond to your needs.

How does it work?

You will be able to order your shopping via your local food hub’s online platform.  Your shopping will then be organised ready for collection from your local hub, or delivered to your door for a small charge.


You can already buy great local produce from many farmers markets across Kent.  In this environment you can actually meet the producers, talk to them and find out how your food was produced.

We are complementing what they are doing by offering online marketplaces where, for example, you can pre-order what you pick up at farmers markets.

How we work?

We are a cooperative and will always champion cooperation and collaboration. Whatever your ideas, whatever your concerns, we like to work with you to create a bright future for our communities and future generations across Kent and beyond.

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