Exciting new Partnership with Produced in Kent

Step into the future of sustainable local food as we, Kent Food Hubs CIC, proudly announce our exciting partnership with the dynamic community of local growers and artisans, Produced in Kent.

This collaboration is more than just a joining of two organisations; we will combine our unique skills to work towards our shared values and commitment to transforming the local food scene.

Produced in Kent is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the purchase of 'local' produce. They also echo our belief in ensuring fair pricing for both producers and consumers, while maintaining the highest quality of local produce. This resonates deeply with our ethos at Kent Food Hubs. We believe the future lies in knowing where your produce comes from, and we’re proud to support small independent enterprises.

Together, we aim to accelerate progress towards a common goal: making fresh, locally sourced products easily accessible to our community while championing local farmers and enterprises to build resilient food systems.

What does this collaboration mean for you? Produced in Kent members will seamlessly integrate into our user-friendly online ordering system, presenting a unique opportunity for them to showcase and sell their exceptional produce. For our customers, this translates to an expanded and enriched selection of locally sourced options, bringing a diverse array of flavours to your fingertips.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting partnership unfolds—because the future of local is now!

Pictured above: One of our wonderful hub traders, Zak from Zak's Kombucha, deep in conversation with potential buyers at last year's Future Food Forum event, organised by Produced in Kent - and Kent Food Hubs Co-Director, Beckie!

I started working as a Project Manager for Produced in Kent in August 2021, and it has been an absolute dream!  Not only have I been able to offer our Kent Food Hubs traders some extra support with their business, but it gave Kent Food Hubs the opportunity to work closely with Produced in Kent, and now we are Industry Partners.  This collaboration means so much to me personally, through a lot of hard work and determination over the past 4 years of Kent Food Hubs, we finally have the visibility and support we need to take us to the next level.

For our producers, this means we will be able to reach a much wider audience, I am so excited to see what this year brings for us all as a collective!

Beckie Alves, Co-Director Kent Food Hubs